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Cosmic American highly recommends the following:

  Marah - Sooner Or Later In Spain

Marah - Sooner or later in Spain CD +DVD

Lauded by authors Nick Hornby and Stephen King--and anyone else who has seen the band take to the stage--Marah has just enough swagger to make their sixth record (and accompanying DVD) a live one, as well as the loose-knit proficiency to make it work. The Philadelphia band, led by brothers, songwriters, and vocalists Serge and David Bielanko, turn down the volume on the seven-song CD, which mainly tracks 2005's If You Didn't Laugh, You'd Cry. While their charisma and enthusiasm are apparent on the CD, Marah saves for the DVD the chaos and tension that make them so unpredictably marvelous. Twenty-one songs filmed in a tiny Spanish club slice through the band's catalog, including rockers like "Point Breeze" and "Round Eye Blues" mingling with covers of the Faces ("Debris") and Willie Nelson ("On the Road Again"). You can discover in one tidy package what makes Marah one of America's best rock bands. And seeing is believing. --Scott Holter


  Also recommended by this artist: 'Kids in Philly', 'If You Didn't Laugh You'd Cry' & '20,000 Streets Under The Sky'
  Gram Parsons - Complete Reprise Sessions CD & DVD Gram Parsons - COMPLETE REPRISE SESSIONS 3-disc CD Box Set

Includes Remastered and Expanded Versions of Gram Parsons' Solo Albums plus 16 Unreleased Tracks.

The first two discs of COMPLETE REPRISE SESSIONS contain remastered versions of Parsons' two classic solo albums expanded with rare Parsons interviews and bonus tracks that feature Parsons and Emmylou Harris performing "Love Hurts" and "Sin City" live in the WBCN radio studio, as well as a stunning instrumental version of "Return of the Grievous Angel" that spotlights the improvisation skills of pianist Glen D Hardin and guitarist James Burton, who played on both of Parsons' solo albums.

The final disc contains 15 alternate versions of influential tracks from GP and Grievous Angel.

  Gram Parsons - Fallen Angel DVD

Gram Parsons - Fallen Angel DVD

Los Angeles - FALLEN ANGEL - a documentary by producer/director Gandulf Hennig and co-writer Sid Griffin - provides a revealing account of Gram Parsons' life and the ongoing influence of his music.

Deflating many of the myths that have grown over the years about Parsons' hedonistic lifestyle, the film retraces the life of this Florida-born, Georgia-raised heir to a million-dollar orange juice fortune through his early days as a musician and his rise as a country-rock icon to his tragic death from an overdose of drugs and alcohol at the age of 26.

The documentary features music and performances from Parsons' groundbreaking career with The International Submarine Band, The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers, as well as his highly acclaimed solo albums. Also included are interviews with family, friends and fellow musicians telling personal stories about Parsons and discussing his musical legacy.